XD modifications and bug-fixes

Revision 5.34 (XD2006) - Released 5th March 2007

                (a) Minor bug fixes to XDGEOM and XDPROP

Revision 5.33 (XD2006) - Released 28th February 2007

                (a) Minor bug fixes to TOPXD (affecting viz3d) and XDPROP
                    (affecting parameter MAXNCP in CPSEARCH)

Revision 5.32 (XD2006) - Released 6th February 2007

                (a) Correction to lattice energies for molecules lying on
                    a symmetry element. New approach to define lattice
                (b) Correction to FOUR option in XDLSM. Changes to XDFOUR
                    and XDFFT - these now use exactly the same coefficients
                    and phases for the same mod1/mod2 options. An extra
                    record for F(000) added to xd.fou file is included in
                    Fourier summations.
                (c) Fixed automatic recognition of anharmonic parameter 
                    type, i.e. either Uijk (old parameter files) or Cijk.
                (d) Some minor cosmetic changes to output file formats.
                (e) Time limited demo version for Windows (console). This
                    requires a key file.

Revision 5.02b (XD2006) - Released 18th October 2006

                (a) Minor bug fixes for compilation on SUN and SGI platforms.

Revision 5.01c (XD2006) - Released 8th October 2006

                (a) Minor bug fixes in XDINI for SHELX input.
                (b) Correction of Ueq calculated in XDLSM and XDGEOM.

Revision 5.00 (XD2006) - Released 4 October 2006

                Numerous new features have been added to XDPROP, and the new
                program XDPDF has been added. The new features are detailed
                in the program manual. A number of small, mainly cosmetic,
                changes to the program outputs.

Revision 4.10 - Released 24 July 2003
                A serious bug in XDFOUR and several minor bugs were fixed.

               (a) XDFOUR could give incorrect function values for non
                   centrosymmetric structures due to a fault in the sort
                   routine. Another bug in routine plotco, which caused a
                   segmentation fault for RedHat8.0 when using the *cryst
                   option without selected atoms was also fixed.
               (b) XDPROP - the *iam model only worked for the asymmetric unit.
               (c) XDPROP - the centre of mass was incorrectly computed when
                   symmetry related atoms were added.
               (d) XDFFT used to write an illegal CIF if no compid was given
                   on the command line.
               (e) a work-about for the failure of the hardcopy option in
                   XDGRAPH (OpenGL driver) for some Revisions of Linux is 
                   given in the program manual,available from this link.

Revision 4.09 - Released 23 May 2003