Registration :
All users (both previous XD users and new users) will need to obtain registration for XD2006 before obtaining the program. To register :

XD2006 distributions :
XD2006 is supplied as precompiled executables for several platforms. The functionality is identical for all platforms, except that some features of XDGRAPH are unavailable in the Windows version.

The executables for the Windows platform are supplied in two formats, a console version which runs from the command line in an identical fashion to the Linux version, and a GUI version.

The executables for Mac OS X 10 are supplied for the old PowerPC processor, and the newer Intel processor.

Registered users may download versions for any platform. The current version is 5.34 (dated 5th March 2007).

XD2006 manual :


RALCGM distributions :
RALGCM is a free program which converts between CGM (computer graphics metafiles) and other formats such as PostScript. The official RALCGM website is :

but downloads from this site do not always work. For convenience, a full Linux RPM distribution and a Windows command line version (PostScript output only) are available here :

Program modifications :